TN Healthcare Engineering Association Expo

TN Healthcare Engineering Association Expo

June 4th 2021

Carolina IAQs is proud to be participating in the 2021 Tennessee Healthcare Engineering Association Conference & Expo from June 9-11 in Chattanooga. 

Arthur Dwight, Principal and Engineering Director of Carolina Filters and Carolina IAQ, will attend the conference and one of its speakers. Arthur will be presenting an educational session on indoor air quality for building owners and occupants relating to routine evaporator and chiller coil cleaning. Arthur’s speech will include the following key topics:

  • The importance of routine evaporator and chiller coil cleaning. 

  • Contaminants that live in your coil may not be suitable for building air quality.

  • Properly maintained and cleaned coils allow for improved IAQ.

  • The importance of a sound maintenance program to prevent costly, unexpected capital investments.

  • Coils actually perform as a filter.

Arthur Dwight has brought 35+ years engineering solution experience to IAQ/HVAC. He obtained a patent in 2019 for an HVAC coil cleaning system. Arthur received a BS in CE Clemson Univ. ‘86 and enjoys offshore fishing and photography.


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