Filter Distribution

Carolina IAQ recently opened a new distribution center in South Carolina to better serve our clients in the Southeastern United States. We maintain a large stock of standard-sized air filters that can be kitted (cut or capped) to create custom sizes with minimal turnaround time. We can develop air filters in a variety of sizes and shapes, as well as put together packages of the exact sizes of filters your company needs to replace regularly. Our expert technicians are focused on ensuring you have the exact filters you need without long wait times.

Carolina IAQ offers full-service filter ordering, custom creation and distribution from our center in Sumter, S.C. We work with clients to create, sort and send the exact filters they need, with services including:

  • Cutting, capping and relabeling air filters to create specialty size pleated air filters with a short turnaround time
  • Maintaining a large stock of standard-sized air filters to be shipped immediately to customer or to use for kitting customized orders
  • Cutting and sewing of media into specialty filters of unique shapes and sizes
  • Repackaging air filters into grouped packages specified by customers
  • Customized labeling of individual filters, filter boxes or bags of filter media upon request
Hands cutting a filter for the distribution center Man packs a box at the distribution center in Sumter, SC


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