Liquid Filtration

Carolina IAQ provides the highest quality of products to meet liquid filtration requirements for a variety of industries, from industrial to health care. To meet the required quality and safety standards in industries such as beverages and electronics, systems must integrate several filtration processes to reduce particulate matter, remove bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, and protect all equipment. We provide filtration bags, cartridges, carbon filters and other specialty products curated for each industry and company’s needs.

Download Our Filtration Spectrum Chart

Carolina IAQ filtration spectrum graphic

How We Can Help:

Carolina IAQ can provide liquid filtration for a variety of purposes to help many industries, including:

  • Process water, chemicals, inks, paints and coatings for Industrial companies
  • Bottled water and pretreatment reverse osmosis for Food & Beverage companies
  • High-purity water and plating for the Electronics industry
  • Process water for dialysis centers and other Health Care providers
  • Filtration for municipal water treatment plants
  • Water Purification for Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences
  • Particle Removal for Oil and Gas


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