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Industrial & Manufacturing Plants

Industrial & Manufacturing Plants

Why Air Quality Matters in Industrial Plants:

  • Process air in industrial and manufacturing plants often has to be much cleaner than comfort air due to the critical clean air requirements for the product being made.

  • The HVAC systems in industrial and manufacturing plants need to function as they were designed in order to maintain continuous and proper flow of clean, conditioned air throughout the buildings to maintain required levels of cleanliness for manufacturing products as well as to provide comfortable and productive work areas.

  • Workspaces with high ceilings over manufacturing lines can develop a buildup of airborne contaminants such as dust and manufacturing byproducts over time due to inaccessibility for cleaning. This contaminant can become unsightly and can also begin to unload into the production area causing quality defects. In some instances, the manufacturing process creates fine airborne byproducts that can explode when they become too concentrated in the air and have a combustion source.

Our Solutions

  • Turnkey filter service provided by Carolina IAQ prevents contaminants, often invisible to the naked eye, to be circulated through HVAC ductwork and released in critical production areas.

  • Carolina IAQ provides services for cleaning components of industrial and manufacturing HVAC systems (coils, ductwork, fans, louvers, drain pans, registers, etc.) allowing them to operate as they were originally designed.

  • Overhead cleaning in occupied spaces is a safety and quality challenge that Carolina IAQ has perfected. Our overhead cleaning crews collect combustible dust properly and safely using the highest quality collection devices and procedures, all of which follow NFPA and OSHA requirements.

  • The cleaning of manufacturing equipment and production work areas are often included in our scope of work when bringing a building or production area back to a to a state of acceptable cleanliness.


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