Industrial & Manufacturing Plants

Industrial & Manufacturing Plants

Why We Serve Industry And Manufacturing:

Contamination in manufacturing processes can cost companies millions of dollars in lost product.  The air in a manufacturing plant, as well as dust and residue build up, are the leading causes of process contamination.  Carolina IAQ mitigates that contamination risk by ensuring filtration, duct systems, and overhead spaces are free from contaminants and providing the clean air the plant requires.  Manufacturing processes also create potential hazards to the employees, further emphasizing the need for a healthy, breathable environment.

How We Serve Them:

Throughout our region, manufacturers large and small rely on Carolina IAQ to keep their facilities clean and free from contamination.  For over 50 years, we’ve kept our customers in business by ensuring their work environments remain healthy and their employees remain productive.  Our nationally certified team of professionals ensures ventilation, supply, and HVAC components are working properly and efficiently, providing our customers significant energy savings and a worry-free operation.


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