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Fire Damper Inspections

Fire Damper Inspections
Our complete services for fire dampers

Carolina Filters provides turnkey fire damper inspection, maintenance and reporting services to comply with required NFPA 80 and NFPA 105 standards for regulating fire and smoke dampers in buildings. Services include:

  • Operating all dampers to verify they fully close and reopen
  • Checking all damper components to ensure they operate properly
  • Labeling each damper to show the number and the inspection date
  • Documenting any deficiencies
  • Taking digital photos of dampers open and closed

Optional Services:

  • Digitally locating dampers on life safety drawings
  • Repairing failed dampers

Why you need fire damper inspections:

  • Fire damper maintenance ensures that the damper is working properly and would help prevent the spread of smoke and fire throughout a building in the event of a fire.
  • It can be difficult to assure optimal performance of fire and smoke dampers due to the complex structure of the dampers, so they need to be periodically inspected to assure they are still in working order.
  • A thorough inspection is required by NFPA to ensure fire dampers are properly maintained and upon inspection, the building management must be provided a detailed report of every fire damper.

To learn more about fire damper inspections read, “7 Must-Knows for Fire Damper Inspections”  and “A Guide to Fire Damper Inspections”.


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