Coil Flow Max®

Technology for deep cleaning HVAC coils

Carolina IAQ utilizes its unique and innovative patented deep coil cleaning system, Coil Flow Max® to penetrate through thick coils, up to 16 inches thick, to remove dirt, biofilm and other contaminants.

Why use Coil Flow Max® on HVAC coils?

  • By “reviving” end of life HVAC coils that are so plugged that they no longer perform to acceptable levels, Coil Flow Max® saves building owners and facility managers tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The process can recover coils in hours instead of the days it takes to replace end of life coils.
  • Coil Flow Max® can help restore the coil's functionality, allowing facility managers relief from the cost and anxieties associated with dysfunctional coils.
  • Environmentally GREEN, physical cleaning process (no harsh chemicals required).

Benefits of deep cleaning HVAC coils:Image showing the benefits of deep cleaning HVAC coils.

  • We can physically show you what comes out of your coils.
  • Multiple HVAC metrics can be measured to determine the level of success.
  • Cleaning in the wintertime is more effective and smarter than in the summertime.
  • Coil Flow Max® saves energy!

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