Educational Institutions

Educational Institutions

Why We Serve Education:

Our children and teachers spend on average 1300 hours per year inside schools and education facilities.  Maintaining a safe and healthy environment for our children to learn productively is critical to the health of our nation overall.  Most schools, however, have aging or end of life HVAC systems and the capital expenditure to upgrade these systems can be daunting and formidable.  Perhaps more than hospitals, schools can be a haven for infectious diseases, allergies, mold, colds and influenza.  Also of critical importance is the frequent inspection and certification of fire dampers, which in the case of an emergency, will ensure our children and teachers have those precious extra minutes to evacuate the facility.

How We Serve Them:


Carolina IAQ currently serves several of the largest school districts in our region.  From filters and filter service, to fire damper inspections and repairs, we ensure our children are in a safe environment.  Our regular service and preventative maintenance programs help school districts realize energy savings and avoid expensive replacement of their aging HVAC systems.

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