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Educational Institutions

Educational Institutions

Why Air Quality Matters in Educational Buildings:

  • School administrators and maintenance managers are under a lot of pressure to provide clean air for children spending the majority of their days in classroom settings.

  • The HVAC systems in schools need to function as they were designed in order to maintain continuous and proper flow of clean, conditioned air throughout the buildings to keep mold and other contaminants out of the classrooms.

  • Fire dampers are essential for controlling fires in schools because, when working properly, they close and seal off the ductwork to prevent a fire from spreading through the HVAC ductwork in the building.

Our Solutions

  • Turnkey filter service provided by Carolina IAQ prevents contaminants, including airborne microbials from circulating through school HVAC ducts to young students.

  • Carolina IAQ provides services for cleaning components of school HVAC systems (coils, ductwork, fans, louvers, drain pans, registers, etc.) allowing them to control temperature and air flow as they were originally designed.

  • Carolina IAQ provides turnkey fire damper maintenance and certification that complies with NFPA standards and ensures that schools’ ductwork systems are prepared to contain instead of spread a fire, allowing students time to safely exit the building.

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