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Why We Serve Commercial Business:

It’s a fact that the average working American spends 90% of their time indoors, most of that being on the job.  Having a clean and healthy work environment is essential to employee health and productivity.  The nature of commercial business is people interacting and moving, both of which cause significant airborne hazards.  Ensuring the facility HVAC system is working properly, the duct work is clean, and the air is filtered effectively is a must to keeping the work force healthy.  A properly functioning and maintained HVAC system also saves significant annual energy costs as well as the service life of very expensive components.


How We Serve Them:

Carolina IAQ currently ensures the highest Indoor Air Quality for hundreds of commercial businesses and government facilities in our region.  Our full line of services, from filter sales and service, coil and duct cleaning, to fire damper inspection – repair – certification, give our customers the peace of mind that their environment is not only the best it can be, but it’s being cared for by nationally certified professionals.  Our customers also recognize the energy savings and complete value that Carolina IAQ provides them.

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