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Commercial Businesses

Commercial Buildings

Why Clean Air Matters in Commercial Buildings

  • The maintenance of clean air for occupants in commercial buildings is critical to the building occupants’ health because they often spend the majority of their day in office settings breathing recirculated air.

  • The HVAC systems in commercial buildings need to function as they were designed in order to maintain continuous and proper flow of clean, conditioned air throughout the buildings to maintain comfortable and productive work areas.

  • Workspaces in commercial buildings with high ceilings such as warehouses and storage buildings can develop a buildup of airborne contaminants such as dust and pollen over time due to inaccessibility for cleaning. This contaminant can become unsightly and can also begin to unload into the workspace causing a myriad of problems for building occupants.


Our Solutions

  • Turnkey filter services provided by Carolina IAQ prevent contaminants, including airborne fungi and bacteria from circulating through commercial building HVAC ducts and transmitting diseases.

  • Carolina IAQ provides services for cleaning components of commercial building HVAC systems (coils, ductwork, fans, louvers, drain pans, registers, etc.) allowing them to control temperature and air flow as they were originally designed.

  • Overhead cleaning in occupied spaces is a safety and quality challenge that Carolina IAQ has perfected. Through many years of experience, research and training, our employees know how to bring the correct equipment to a site to safely work in high overhead areas, often above suspended ceilings, with minimal interruptions to building occupants.

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