HVAC Coil Cleaning

HVAC and Fan Coil Cleaning

HVAC systems are designed to encourage a free flow of air to and from the areas they service.  Pre-filters catch larger dust particles, but many small contaminants pass through these filters and impact the coil.  The coil therefore acts as a filter itself, catching and accumulating years of particulate.  As the particulate builds, the efficiency of the coil is reduced, requiring more energy in the system to provide the desired environment in the facility.  Regular cleaning of these coils prevents build-up and allows the coil to operate efficiently and effectively, saving on energy costs and extending the service life of the coil.


With over half a century in the indoor air quality business, we assert that coils are the most often overlooked, but most critical component of any HVAC system.  They’re also the most expensive to replace.  Regular cleaning of the coils, and when the situation warrants, a deep cleaning using our patented Coil Flow Max® system, ensures the best energy efficiency and performance from the coil for many years.  Even if your coils have not been cleaned for several years, Carolina IAQ’s professional technicians will get the crud out of your coils and restore the operating pressures you need to maintain your indoor environment effectively and energy efficiently.

  • Improve air flow and HVAC system performance
  • Lower energy costs
  • Extended system life of expensive components
  • Greater heating and cooling capacity
  • Heating/cooling drain pan cleaning and function
  • Registers/Diffusers


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