Healthcare Facilities

 Healthcare Facilities

Why We Serve Healthcare:

Controlling the environment in healthcare facilities is a critical foundation in providing quality care for patients, visitors, and employees. Beyond temperature and humidity control however, healthcare facilities must maintain the highest levels of filtration and HVAC system cleanliness to prevent the spread of infections. Of equal importance is the regular inspection and maintenance of fire dampers, which provide occupants the crucial time they need to evacuate in an emergency.

How We Serve Them:

Carolina IAQ currently ensures the highest Indoor Air Quality for the largest hospital systems in our region.  Our full line of services, from filter sales and service, coil and duct cleaning, to fire damper inspection – repair – certification, gives our customers the peace of mind that their environment is not only the best it can be, but it’s being cared for by nationally certified professionals.  Our customers also recognize the energy savings and complete value that Carolina IAQ provides them.

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"Our company was founded on the principle of excellence in engineering and labor services. Each and every day, Carolina IAQ lives by our original motto: 'Committed to Quality Service.' "



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