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Healthcare Facilities

 Healthcare Facilities

Why Clean Air Matters in Health Facilities:

  • Proper air flow and temperature control are critical to the health and wellbeing of patients in hospitals and are monitored closely by regulating bodies.

  • The maintenance of clean air for patients and employees spending the majority of their day in a healthcare setting with a high concentration of sick people is a challenge that is often not met.

  • Fire dampers are essential for controlling fires in hospitals because, when working properly, they close and seal off the ductwork to prevent a fire from spreading through the HVAC ductwork to other areas in the building.

Our Solutions

  • Carolina IAQ provides services for cleaning components of hospital HVAC systems (coils, fans, louvers, drain pans, registers, etc.) allowing them to control temperature and air flow as they were originally designed.

  • Turnkey filter service provided by Carolina IAQ prevents contaminants, including airborne microbials, from circulating through hospital HVAC ducts and transmitting diseases.

  • Carolina IAQ provides turnkey fire damper maintenance and certification that complies with NFPA standards and insures that hospital ductwork contains instead of spreading fires, allowing occupants to safely exit the building.

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