Health Care Facilities

 Health Care Facilities

HVAC Cleaning Service for Health Care Facilities

Carolina IAQ helps hospitals, doctors offices and other medical facilities ensure safe indoor air quality for their staff and their patients. Our technicians are experts in HVAC cleaning services, providing air filter service, coil cleaning and air duct cleaning for new and aging HVAC systems of all sizes. Additionally, we offer inspection and certification of fire dampers. We have decades of experience working with health care facilities of all sizes throughout the Southeast, so we are comfortable working directly with facility managers or with mechanical contractors.

We’re dedicated to improving air quality in health care facilities. How can we help yours?

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"Proper air filtration is vital to the health of our patients and staff, Carolina IAQ has been our trusted partner in maintaining that for over 20 years."


Why We Serve Health Care:

Controlling the environment in health care facilities is a critical foundation in providing quality care for patients, visitors, and employees. Beyond temperature and humidity control however, health care facilities must maintain the highest levels of filtration and HVAC system cleanliness to prevent the spread of infections. Of equal importance is the regular inspection and maintenance of fire dampers, which provide occupants the crucial time they need to evacuate in an emergency.

How We Serve Medical Facilities:

Carolina IAQ currently ensures the highest Indoor Air Quality for the largest hospital systems in the Southeast. Our full line of services, from filter sales and service, coil and duct cleaning, to fire damper inspection – repair – certification, gives our customers the peace of mind that their environment is not only the best it can be, but it’s being cared for by nationally certified professionals. Our customers also recognize the energy savings and complete value that Carolina IAQ provides them.

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