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Plugged or dirty coils in an industrial, commercial or healthcare HVAC system will increase energy costs and can be extremely expensive to replace. That's why it's important to have your HVAC system cleaned by qualified technicians. Call Carolina IAQ for a complete HVAC system assessment and cleaning.

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Carolina IAQ is ready to evaluate the health of your coils and recommend a solution that is right for your HVAC system. We use a patented deep coil cleaning system, Coil Flow Max, to penetrate through thick coils to remove dirt, biofilm and contaminants that other cleaning methods can't reach. This innovative cleaning system will extend the life of HVAC coils and can even revive an end of life coil. Call us before you replace a coil and schedule a consultation with one of our expert technicians.

Benefits of HVAC System Cleaning

  • Improved coil efficiency and effectiveness
  • Reduced indoor air quality issues (dirt, dust and debris removed from air stream)
  • Extended coil life
  • Reduced energy costs

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HVAC System Cleaning Solutions:

HVAC Cleaning Services



Need new air filters too?

Carolina IAQ offers turnkey filter maintenance programs to maintain exceptional indoor air quality for commercial, institutional, manufacturing and healthcare industries. We supply the highest quality air filters and our team provides expert installation and maintenance services. Call us today to schedule your air filter service.


Technology for deep cleaning HVAC coils

Carolina IAQ utilizes its unique and innovative patented deep coil cleaning system, Coil Flow MaxTM to penetrate through thick coils, up to 16 inches thick, to remove dirt, biofilm and other contaminants.

Why use Coil Flow MaxTM?

  • Save tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars by recovering coils in hours instead of the days it takes to replace coils.
  • Restore coil functionality and improve coil efficiency.
  • Reduce energy costs while improving indoor air quality.

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